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Child Feeding Calf
sunflower foreground whole creamery back

Our family has farmed this land since 1883. It all started out with about 10 Holstein cows. Today, the 4th generation milks 175 Holstein cows and farms 700 acres surrounding the dairy and creamery. The creamery was added in 2012 to help support the farm. We use the milk from our cows to make our delicious ice cream right here in the creamery. Made fresh each week, we offer over 80 flavors throughout the year, using seasonally fresh, local ingredients and products.

We are committed to farming the land, raising our cattle and making an amazing product in a healthy, responsible manner. We have never used antibiotics or hormones to increase production or increase growth. We rely on the land to make our living, and therefore give the ground the utmost care and respect. The same care and respect is given to our animals—our cows deserve only the best, and we couldn’t make such great food without them being at their best!

We are always happy to answer questions, explain how we raise our animals and make our products, and give you any extra information you may need. We want you to make an informed decision about the food you put in your body and on your table.

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