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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have non-dairy options?

Yes, we always have one or two sorbets in the case. Sorbets contain no dairy, and are made prior to our ice cream to avoid contamination. For those with serious allergies, please keep in mind that our sorbets are in the same case as our ice cream, which does contain dairy.

Do you have sugar-free options?

We always have at least one No Sugar Added (NSA) flavor available. This means we do not add any sugar to the ice cream, however, please keep in mind that milk and cream naturally contain sugar, as well as flavors that may be mixed in (ex: Raspberries).

Do you have Peanut or Tree Nut-Free options?

Yes! We make all our flavors containing Nut allergens after our other flavors. We have VERY strict cleaning and packaging Protocols. However, please be aware that our hand-dipped flavors are all kept in the same case and there is the potential for cross-contamination. You may wish to consider purchasing a pint For those with Severe Allergies.

Does the ice cream contain egg?

No, the ice cream itself does not, but please be aware that inclusions may. For example, the Oreos in Cookies & Cream may contain egg, although our ice cream base does not.

For other allergen questions, you may ask a staff member at the window if your desired flavor contains the ingredient of concern.

Sunflower questions:

Please see our sunflower page here

Is there anything else to do besides eat ice cream?

Yes! We have an awesome, re-purposed farm equipment playground. There are several slides and playground equipment to climb on. We occasionally host events, such as Meet the Easter Bunny, Meet Santa, Goat Yoga and food trucks. We also have a summer sunflower fundraiser. Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates on our events!

Why can’t you make me a milkshake from the ice cream in the case?

Good question! Milkshakes from our hand-dipped ice cream would be cost prohibitive. Our ice cream is extremely high quality, made by hand, and expensive to make. By the time we put 6 to 8 scoops in, add milk, and pay someone to spin it, your shake would cost over $25!

Instead, we make milkshakes in our milkshake machine. It is still milk from our cows, and still much higher quality than you will find anywhere else!


Are you pet-friendly?

Well-behaved, Leashed pets are permitted outside the Creamery. There are absolutely no pets permitted inside except service animals. No Animals in purses, strollers, being carried, etc.  We Reserve the right to ask to see service animal documentation. 

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