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Each year we plant 2 acres of sunflowers as a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 100% of donations go directly to St. Jude’s. We have raised about $4,000 each year for this wonderful organization!

We regularly update our Facebook page with sunflower updates during the season, so be sure to like and follow us to stay in the loop!

Cut flowers are $1 each, and we request donations from those who are only in it for the photo op. 

A station with clippers is available, and donations may be made at the entrance to the field OR at the register.

Please keep in mind that sunflowers are a crop and are weather-dependent. We cannot give an exact bloom date, only an estimate. They are typically around for about two weeks, and we try to do multiple staggered plantings to ensure there are blooms for as long as possible.

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